Best Garage Heaters 2019 – Comprehensive Guide

Garage heaters prove to be a low-cost solution that makes it possible for you to use your garage for more than just parking your car. With a heater, you don’t have to be at the mercy of outside temperatures. Finally, you can enjoy your valuable space without worrying about staying warm. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to answer what is the best garage heater for your situation. It’s true that the marketplace is full of options, but the key is to find your best match. If you take the time to prioritize your needs, you will be able to make a decision that will satisfy your heating goals long-term. Here, we will examine the pros and cons of various garage heater reviews based on quality, economy, and purpose so that you can make the most informed purchase.

Compiled here are among the best garage heaters available for purchase. They have been identified based on price, features, and various attributes that are important to consumers. Keep in mind that you have your own heating goals and understanding your needs and limitations will help you further narrow down your options.

Best Garage Heaters 2019

#1 Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy – Top Pick

If you are searching for the best electric garage heater on the market, Mr.Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy is the ideal solution for you. Not only is this product almost 100% efficient and small enough to be a real space-saver, and it also has an affordable price tag. This heater is approved for indoor and outdoor use and can comfortably heat areas up to 225 square feet. Safety is also considered as this heater includes an emergency shut-off switch in the event that it tips over, the pilot light goes out, or if low-oxygen levels are detected. With so many thoughtful features, it’s no surprise that this heater is a best seller on Amazon!

Consumers are most attracted to the fact that this heater is small and relatively light (9 lbs.) making it a multipurpose product that can adequately heat a garage or be used for other areas as needed. The heating mechanism warms spaces quickly (under 10 minutes), and it uses about 1 pound of propane in five hours when moderately heating an area. On average, the heater can elevate temperatures up to 12 degrees. The ease of use and additional safety features provide buyers with the peace of mind that this product is, in fact, the best portable garage heater available.

As with any product, there are some considerations. Because the heater is slightly tilted, there have been reports that it can be difficult to ignite the pilot light. While it may be used in outdoor spaces, the best heating is achieved in confined areas. It is important to note no unauthorized attachments may not be used with this product as it can be dangerous and will automatically void any warranty.

#2 Broan-NuTone 6201 Big Heat Heater – Best for the Money

Don’t let a limited budget stop you from investing in a quality garage heater. Broan-NuTone 6201 Big Heat Heater offers quality heating at an affordable price. This compact heater only weighs 5 lbs. and stands about 6 in. tall making it a perfect fit for your garage. Safety features include an automatic shut-off switch when the heater tips over. Additionally, a caution light and automatic shut-off will occur if high temperatures are indicated. You don’t have to worry about your safety while you are busy in your garage!

The efficient use settings allow you to have total control of the heating mechanism. You can opt for the high setting (1500 watts) or the low setting (1200 watts). If you only want air circulation, you can choose the “fan-only” option. This particular product is definitely the best garage heater for the money because it is incredibly easy to use and is made of durable aluminum and stainless steel. Consumers indicate that the value is well worth the impressive amount of heat this small device produces.

The downside of this product is that some consumers indicate that while the heater certainly warms areas well, the product itself can get very hot. This may be a safety issue for people who have small children or pets. There are also reports that this product has produced a chemical smell for some users. One and two-year protection plans are available for an additional fee.

#3 Modine HD45AS0111 – Best Propane Garage Heater

Modine Hd45AS011 Natural Gas Hot Dawg Garage Heater is an excellent option for consumers searching for the best propane garage heater that money can buy. This is a heavy-duty product that weighs about 60 lbs. and takes up about 2 ft. of space. What makes this product especially appealing is that is approved for both residential and commercial use. For those that use larger garages for work or hobbies, this is the heater you’ve been searching for! Consumers indicate that the 45,000 BTU can easily increase temperatures up to 25-30 degrees even in substantial spaces. This isn’t surprising since the heater is 80% efficient. To raise temperatures from 40 degrees to 70 degrees takes about 30 minutes. This is a big longer than other products, but it certainly raises temperatures much more than smaller heaters. Attractive features include a low-profile and quiet operation despite the larger size. The heater certainly emits warmth, but it does not blast. Instead, it gradually heats an area with steady air flow.

This garage heater does come with a considerably higher price tag than others. The average cost is a substantial investment. However, with the increase in price comes more heating capability and a 10-year warranty.

#4 NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric

This particular heater makes the list of considerations because it is an excellent heating source and has versatile mounting options. The heating capability can reach up to 500 sq. ft. which is ample enough for larger garages. Plus, an added feature that other heaters simply don’t have is that this product can be mounted on the wall or ceiling making it a great solution for people with limited space.

This heater is also incredibly efficient. A built-in thermoset allows the heater to automatically shut off when desired temperatures are met. This can ensure that you are only using the exact amount of heat that your space requires. Many people indicate that the heater can comfortably heat their garage in a matter of minutes which is much faster than other options. However, keep in mind this heater is designed for larger spaces and is durable and long-lasting.

One thing to consider about this heater is that with 5000 watts, you will be using a considerable amount of electricity. Many consumers report seeing a drastic increase in their utility bills during usage.

#5 Ceiling-Mount Industrial Electric

This is another option for people in the market for a ceiling-mounted heater. Much attention has been given to making sure this heater is durable. This heater is not especially large but does weigh about 50 lbs. The heating capability ranges between 400-500 sq. ft.  Included features are a corrosion-resistant surface and are made with quality materials that will withstand the test of time. This heater is considered a large-space solution as it is designed to heat garages and even warehouses or factories, but it does not require floor space. Another commodity is that this particular heater does not blast cold air as it heats up, instead the fan action is delayed until the heater reaches an appropriate temperature. This is an especially great solution for people who may have to use the space while it heats up. The heater is adjustable which allows you to streamline heat in various directions of your space.

Because this heater does have higher power, it can lead to higher utility bills than other heating options. Also, the average cost is considerably higher, but keep in mind it is designed for bigger spaces. People needing heat for smaller garages may not need the additional cost for more power. The warranty includes one year for parts and ten years for the heating element.

Garage Heater Buying Guide

As with any purchase, a garage heater requires planning and attention to detail. Ultimately, the choice that you make will influence what you will accomplish in your space whether it’s enjoying a hobby or completing a project. While the need for the purchase is simple, the purchase process is more complex. You have to consider the various features such as power source, size, and capability. Then, you will have to consider how each of these features correlates with cost and efficiency.

However, researching and deciding does not have to be a painful task. Instead, it’s best to put some time into planning each step and focusing on relevant information. Not only will this make it much easier on you, but you are more likely to buy the appropriate garage heater.

Garage Heater Buying Tips

Ready to narrow down your search? Here are a few areas that you should focus on to help you find the best garage heater for your need and budget. While it is up to you to weigh the importance of each of these specifications, they should all be at least considered during your decision-making process. This will help guide you toward making the best purchase.

Remember, there is a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying the right heater for your lifestyle. You have to consider your family, budget, need, and expectation. Failure to consider any of these things could lead to a frivolous purchase without any real gain. Read on for specific points that you should consider as you narrow down the search for the perfect garage heater.

Power Source:

Power source will play a role in the specific heater that you purchase. Some people do not have the electrical capability in their space, so only propane heaters will be an option. Narrowing down your preference and need for a certain power source will greatly simply your buying process. Considerations:

  • What is your power source capability? Consider if you have the proper resources for propane or electrical heaters.
  • Do you have a power source preference? Some people feel that one power source is safer than others or one is easier to use.
  • Is a certain power source more economical for your situation? You should think about how much it will cost to heat your space depending on the type of power source that you choose.
  • Do you have proper ventilation and hook-up for your chosen power source? Safety is critical. Proper installation is absolutely necessary.


Size is a two-part consideration. You should consider the size of the actual heater and the size of the garage you want to heat. Keep in mind, the size of the heater does not necessarily reflect heating ability. Considerations:

  • What size space do you want to heat? A larger space will need more force than smaller areas depending on how warm you want it to be.
  • How high do you want the temperature to be? In some instance, heaters that can reach smaller spaces may be adequate if you simply want to slightly heat the space.
  • How much space do you have for the heater? Inadequately providing space for your heater can be a safety hazard.


Each garage heater has its maximum capability. For some, they are designed to heat small spaces indoors while others can produce a large amount of heat for indoor and outdoor use. Considerations:

  • Is the heater going to adequately heat your space? Check out the watts and/or BTU to know if it has the power to heat your area.
  • What is its intended use? Some heaters can be used inside or outside or for residential or commercial use. Be sure that you buy the right one for your needs.


Your safety should never be compromised. Fortunately, garage heaters now are equipped with standards to ensure safety of users. Various heaters have different safety features that may be more attractive for your situation. Considerations:

  • Does the heater have built-in safety features? Most heaters have at least one shut-off safety feature. Ensure that the one that you purchase has at least one.
  • What type of shut-off feature does it have? Common features include emergency shut-off when temperatures are too high, if the heater tips over, or low oxygen levels are detected.
  • Who will be near your heater? Consider if adults, children, pets, or regular traffic will be in the area.


When using an electrical garage heater, watts are certainly something you should keep in mind. Considerations:

  • Is there a high watt count? If yes, remember that higher watts means more power, but also requires more electricity to function.
  • Do you need that amount of watts? Just because a heater has high-watt capability, you may not necessarily need that much for your space.


Sound may seem like an insignificant consideration, but overtime, the amount of noise that your heater puts out can become a very big problem. Considerations:

  • How close will the heater be to sleeping quarters or common areas? You want to be sure that if the heater is near areas that are also used by others that the sound isn’t disturbing.
  • Is the noise too loud in the garage? Even if it’s just you that has to deal with the noise, it can be incredibly disruptive.


Garage heaters should be sturdy. It’s important to choose a product that will stand the test of time. Considerations:

  • What material is the heater made of? Stainless steel and quality aluminum are excellent, quality material.
  • What is the average lifespan of the heater? Check out reviews and manufacturer information about average use expectancy.


Cost almost always plays a role in most purchases. Usually, consumers have a range of their budget. It’s important to pinpoint your needs and correlating costs. Considerations:

  • Does the cost compare to features? Consider how many features are included in the final price.
  • Is there room in your budget? This is important to know if certain heaters are higher quality, but slightly out of your price range.
  • Do consumers agree with the price? Be sure to check out what past buyers have to say about their purchase. People almost always indicate if the product is worth the cost.

Brand Reputation:

Brand reputation can go a long way in helping simplify your research. If a brand is known for their commitment to quality and customer service, then you will likely be able to narrow down your search to only the best products. Considerations:

  • Does the brand have good reviews? Reviews matter when it comes to brand reputation. Make sure that buyers walk away mostly satisfied.
  • Do they have quality customer service? In the even that something goes wrong or you have specific questions, you need to be sure that you can receive professional help.
  • What kind of warranties are available? Sometimes products can arrive faulty or need replacement parts later. It’s necessary to know what is covered in the warranty as this could play a major role in your purchase decision.

Each of these considerations is designed to help you narrow down your search. For some, budget will be the main priority, but other factors are included. Remember that inexpensive doesn’t always mean that the product is the best nor does the most expensive product always mean that has the best quality. This is why it is important to consider each factor of the product and not rely on any one piece of information.


Garage heaters are a luxury that many people can benefit from.  Over the years, manufacturers have spent time fine-tuning the features of heaters which have opened up the marketplace to providing quality heating solutions. Now, garage heaters are expected to be made superior materials and meet safety standards. Finally, consumers have the peace of mind that they deserve when it comes to purchasing garage heaters. Now, people can enjoy their garages in ways that used to be limited to only storage and parking their vehicles.

An increase in temperatures can help you utilize your space and get more accomplished. Whether you choose an economical heater or a more expensive brand, the investment will pay for itself in terms of giving back a large space of in your home.  While there are certainly many options available, the most important part of the process is becoming an informed consumer. This guide serves as a tool to help you identify critical features and consider various factors that may influence your end purchase. Approach this buying process with a plan. Know your goals as well as your limitations. Take comfort in the fact that the marketplace has something for your budget and heating requirements.

Here, we have identified differences in price, capability, size, and durability. Ultimately, you should consider how each of these characteristics correlates with your heating goals. You have to ask yourself how much heat do you really need, what kind of investment do you want to make, and will this product provide the temperature you need so that your garage is useful. There are a variety of options available, which may be overwhelming at first. However, with variety comes more options and you will likely discover the perfect product for your budget and needs.  Consider each specification and then make the choice that is right for you.