Best Electric Blankets 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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What is the best electric blanket? Many of our readers have asked this question.  We can see it on our inbox quite often! While it is true that the term “best” is relative, we can still say that some products can definitely outshine others. In the case of electric blankets, there are only few that could actually serve you! Having them will give you a lot of benefits.

These best electric blanket reviews will guide you to the world of this product. In a short while, you will discover the top rated electric blankets on the market today! Moreover, we also prepared an electric blanket buying guide for you! In this way, you can choose the ideal blanket of your choice. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


Model PriceWeightEditor Rating
Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece
Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece
(Top Pick)

Check Price
7 lbs4.8/5
Sunbeam Microplush Electric
Sunbeam Microplush Electric
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
4 lbs4.6/5
Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket
Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket

Check Price
1 lb4.3/5
Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket
Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket

Check Price
11 lbs4.1/5

5 Best Electric Blankets 2020 – Our Reviews:

1. Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece – Our Top Pick

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece

The Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece is inarguably the best electric blanket on the market today. It has ergonomic features to ensure maximum comfort and warmth while you are sleeping soundly. In fact, the Soft Heat brand is among the top producers of electric blankets today. You can consider that all of their products have superb performance and astounding construction! However, the one that certainly stands out is the Luxury Micro-Fleece. Your cold nights will end once this product starts to embrace you!

Features and Performance

  • The comfort level of Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece is truly amazing! This product is made from the softest plush fabrics on the industry today. Specifically, it uses extra layers of soft fabric and fiberfill. These materials add to the overall comfort and support that this electric blanket gives you. Layers of fiberfill are wrapping all the wires. This design directs the heat towards you so that you can feel warm and comfortable all night!
  • The Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece is a guaranteed energy saver. This warming blanket only utilizes less energy while it is running. In fact, its power consumption is lesser compared to most warming products today. With this feature, this electric blanket can give you adequate warmth while not worrying about your electric bills!
  • Most of the electric heaters today have wires that are loosely apart to each other. Usually, the wire spacing that they have is 5 inches, which may not produce enough warmth. Luckily, the Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece transcends to this issue. This electric blanket is proud with the even spacing of its wires. Specifically, the wires are 3 inches apart from your head down to your toe. With this design, this product gives you maximum warmth without any cold or hot spots.
  • The wires of Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece have a cutting edge design. Most of the warming wires are bulky, thick, and very uncomfortable. But if you have the Luxury Micro-Fleece, you won’t encounter any of these nuisances! The wires of this electric warmer are ultra-thin. Moreover, they are highly flexible and just lay flat and stable on the blanket. In fact, you will barely notice that these wires exist at all!
  • This electric heater is also using dual controllers and zoned heating technology. With these features, you can choose your preferred temperature for a comfortable sleep. Moreover, you don’t have to sacrifice your partner’s preferences (if you have one).

Best Feature of Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece

The Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece is using the patented Safe and Warm low-voltage technology. This innovation allows you to stay warm and safe while you are slumbering. Specifically, this design keeps tracking the voltage that this blanket is using!

The Soft Heat Electric Blanket runs on or less than 25 volts of electricity. This current is just as the same input as you use in illuminating a light bulb. Moreover, this technology includes a power supply box that converts the AC home current into a safe low voltage DC! With these features on hand, you can guarantee that this product is utterly safe to use, even if it gets wet!


  • Product dimensions: 16 inches x 16 inches x 13 inches
  • Product weight: 8.5 pounds

2. Sunbeam Microplush Electric – Best for the Money

Sunbeam Microplush Electric

We really love the affordability of the Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw. This electric blanket can give you a comfortable rest while not worrying about its overall expenses. It is an energy-saver electric blanket that doesn’t eat up too much power while running. Aside from that, investing on this warming blanket won’t tear a hole in your pocket! In fact, we consider this as the best electric blanket for the money! However, you can still guarantee that its features are not cheap at all!

Features and Performance

  • You can truly save your power bills while you have the Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw. This product can efficiently compensate the absence of a central heating system. While you are sleeping, you can confidently lower down the thermostat of your heater for around 10 – 15 degrees. Imagine, that’s for eight hours. In short, your electric bill will have a less of 5% to 15% just because of this electric blanket!
  • Your body will feel instant warmth while this electric blanket is embracing you. It comes with a three-heat setting so that you can choose your preferred temperature. Even after the safety switch off activates, you can still feel warmth up to three hours!
  • The Microplush Heated Throw Blanket comes with a digital control. This digital control allows you to program the sheet quickly and conveniently. Moreover, you will love its fact that you can detach the power cord to the control. In this way, you can easily wash this blanket if it gets dirty!
  • Of course, this blanket will not be good if it not comfortable. The Microplush Heated Throw Blanket uses soft but durable fabric for all-day usage. The fabric doesn’t wear out and can provide additional insulation to your body. Once you set this electric blanket running, you can fully enjoy the warmth and comfort while you are sleeping!
  • The wires of this sheet are fine and barely noticeable. Such feature gives maximum comfort to its users. Moreover, it can accommodate a variety of height and sizes!

Best Feature of Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw Warming Blanket

The most remarkable feat of Microplush Electric Heated Throw is its durability. The fabrics used on this product are truly sturdy and can withstand the test of time! Furthermore, it also a got a foolproof 5-year warranty. Therefore, you can assure that investing on this electric blanket is a wise choice!


  • Product dimensions: 12.5 inches x 9.5 inches x 8.6 inches
  • Product weight: 3 pounds

3. Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket

Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket

Are you going on a road trip on a cold season? Well, you should have the Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket first. This electric blanket is specially designed to keep you warm while you are traveling on frigid evenings. After all, going on the road doesn’t mean that you have to leave the comforts of your bed! Even if it is a portable blanket, you can still expect the quality of warmth it can deliver!

Features and Performance

  • This electric blanket from the Trillium Worldwide has relatively big dimensions. Specifically, it can accommodate two people, which is ideal for long travels. Your partner will certainly love sharing this blanket with you!
  • Moreover, the Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket has a comfortable but sturdy construction. It is made from a super-soft and highly durable polyester fleece. This electric blanket will not produce any itch or discomforts while you are on the road. Even if you stretch the fabric, it doesn’t wear off it easily!
  • The Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket have a patented safety timer. You can set this timer for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your preferences. Once you the heating is done, this blanket shuts down itself, thanks to its auto switch-off feature. Moreover, you will also love its reset button, so that you can get sufficient heat that you are looking for!
  • This electric blanket is compatible with 12-volt outlets. It has 7 feet fused cord, which lets you connect it to any power outlet with convenience. The Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket also boasts a quick heating feature. Specifically, it can heat up as fast as one minute. It can also preserve the heat for up to several hours even if it is unplugged!

Best Features of Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket

The Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket comes with a patented automatic temperature control. This smart feature allows the blanket to regulate the heat depending on the external temperature. In this way, this product can give you the right amount of warmth. It is not too hot and not too cold also! It is just enough to keep your sleep a lot cozy and comfortable!

Minor Issues

The biggest downside of this electric blanket is it is not machine-washable. Therefore, it would be quite difficult for you to clean up this product if it gets messy. Moreover, the Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket has no temperature control. It would be really better if this warmer allows you to adjust the temperature by increments. But overall, this unit can perform great, especially during travels.


  • Product dimensions: 18 inches x 12 inches x 4 inches
  • Product weight: 1 pound

4. Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket

We chose the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket as a part of this list because of the quality of comfort and warmth it provides. This electric blanket can give your cold nights a warm embrace so that you can sleep comfortably. It got impressive features, too, that are useful during the winter evenings. Although it is true that this product comes lesser compared to those that we mentioned earlier, this electric blanket can still serve you!

Take a look at the features and capacities of the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket!

Features and Performance

  • The Sunbeam Velvet Plush Blanket is an absolute cold slayer! It uses the ThermoFine technology so that it can automatically adjust its temperature based on the external environment. With this innovation, this electric blanket can give a constant and adequate warmth for you to stay cozy all night!
  • Moreover, this electric blanket has a 20-heat setting. Accessing this feature allows you to find the right level of warmth for your body! You can never feel any discomforts due to extreme heat, thanks to this design!
  • Meanwhile, the comfort of the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket can also be attributed to its material. Specifically, this product is made from 100% polyester. This kind of fabric is super sturdy and comfortable and the same time. Once you place yourself under the haven of this blanket, sleeping is truly a luxurious feeling!
  • Also, you will love the fact that it has a preheat setting. With this component around, you can have the blanket warmed while you are doing your sleeping rituals. It is a convenient feature indeed! Furthermore, it also got a selectable auto-off function. With this, you can set the time in when you want to blanket to shut down itself!
  • This electric blanket is user-friendly. Once it gets messy, you can freely wash it. Specifically, it is machine washable and dryer safe. Therefore, you can always have a clean and comfortable blanket on your bedroom!

Best Features of Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket

This electric blanket sports a convenient 10-hour auto shut-off feature. This design of this blanket allows you to use it for a long time, without worrying about your safety of electrical consumption. You can run it for ten hours. Afterward, the blanket will shut down itself. This feature is almost unique to the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket. Moreover, this aspect of this electric blanket compelled us to include it in this review.

Minor Issues

While we are reviewing this product, we noticed some problems with its controllers. Initially, we thought that we just got a defective unit. However, the same problem also arose when we purchased another one. It is not an important issue, but it could get pesky as time passes by! Without this drawback, this electric blanket could have gone at the top spot!


  • Product dimensions: 16 inches x 12 inches x 11.6 inches
  • Product weight: 9.9 pounds

Electric Blanket Buying Guide

Having an electric blanket is really convenient. They give you the comfort of surviving the cold nights without charging too much from your electric bills. Moreover, they can also relieve muscle and joint pains. With all of these benefits, an electric blanket is truly an attractive commodity.

However, there are several considerations that you should take before you buy an electric blanket. You should understand the basics of this product. Or else, you won’t figure out the technical issues that might arise sooner or later.

Most electric blankets come in a variety of brands, sizes, and prices. Therefore, choosing can be a little tricky. However, you should always keep in mind that you should choose a product that can keep up with your needs. Never go cheap but never go too expensive as well. Just buy the electric blanket that can serve you fully.

The Safety Of Electric Blankets

The biggest concern of many buyers for electric blankets is safety. There is no arguing about that. After all, you can’t just be confident sleeping while a blanket with electric wirings is wrapping you. Isn’t that too dangerous?

Somehow, electric blankets today are generally safer compared to the past. Some of you might be reluctant when it comes to this product.  However, you should not fear anymore. Electric blankets today have dual controls, thermostats, and low-voltage regulators. They are there to keep you safe while you are sleeping! But even for this, some of us are still keeping a keen eye to the safety of this product.

We understand this concern. That’s why we highly recommend that you should not buy an electric blanket that doesn’t have a UL or ETL markings on it. The UL or the Underwriters Laboratories is the only trusted safety regulations for electrical beddings in the United States. For some manufacturers, they get their safety certification from the ETL, which have the same standards as UL.

Specifically, all electric blankets that you will buy should meet the UL 964 standards. Once you can see an ETL or UL mark on your product, it is definitely safe!

Quality And Durability

The best electric blankets can stand the test of time. With proper care and attention, an electric blanket should last for up to five years. The fabrics should not wear down even with constant washing and drying. You will never want a piece of fabric that sheds out from the entire blanket, right? Also, you may need the heating wires and fabric to work together harmoniously. They should give you a comfortable feeling, while still enjoying their flexibility.

Moreover, the control functions of the electric bedding should work correctly. They should not suffer from any technical malfunctions, even for a long time of use.

Size Of The Electric Blanket

The electric blanket that you should choose should fit your bed. Many buyers are regretting this aspect, thinking that this product is a “one-size-fits-all” type. You can only enjoy the benefits of an electric blanket if it has the size that suits your needs.

If you have a small bed, then you should opt for twin or full-sized sheets. Logically, the king-size and queen-size electric blankets work best for large beds. Usually, larger sheets have two sets of controls. They will allow you to regulate the temperature of the half of the blanket independently. This means that you can still get your preferred temperature, even if you are sleeping with someone.

You may need an electric throw blanket if you usually sleep on your sofa or chair. This type of blanket is really small and is just designed to accommodate a single person.

When you buy an electric blanket, always make sure that it can fit the dimensions of your bed. This will eradicate the pesky problem of coverage. Anything that is excessive or insufficient can give discomfort to your sleep!

Forms Of Electric Blankets

There are two types of an electric blanket that you can buy in the market today. The first one is the flat electric blanket. This type of design is similar to a regular blanket or comforter when it comes to coverage. Specifically, there are no alterations to this blanket, which gives it freedom to its size and dimensions.

The second model is the fitted electric blanket. This variety comes with darts and gatherings on its corners. This design enables the blanket to fit perfectly on your bed. Moreover, it also prevents the blanket from slipping or shifting while on use. This feature is essential for frisky sleepers!

Choosing which electric sheet will work best for you is a matter of your preference. If you want a blanket that has a straightforward and traditional design, then you should opt for the flat electric blanket. However, if you are suffering from certain aches, such as back pain, then you might get relief from a fitted electric blanket.

Essential Features Of Electric Blankets

Usability and Functionality

Each of us has different comfort preferences when it comes to sleeping. Therefore, you may need an electric blanket that has several features and ergonomics. In this way, you can use them in various settings and applications. If you usually sleep on the dark, then you may need a blanket that has controls with illuminated markers. In this way, you won’t need to get up in the bed just to turn on the light.

Specifically, LED screens and illuminating indicators allow you to control your electric blanket even without the aid of a light bulb.

For users who suffer from painful hand conditions, having an electric blanket that has huge knobs and push buttons is essential. This design allows them to adjust the blanket settings with less effort.

Comfort and Design

Many electric blankets today, such as the ones we featured, have several components that make them a lot comfortable. One of the comfort features that you should look is the adjustable heat control. With this feature, you can get your desired warmth, which is necessary for a cozy sleep. Specifically, this control enables you to shift the settings from low to high, depending on your preference.

For your picky feet, you may need an electric blanket that has added insulation on its bottom. This type of construction is crucial in indicating the level of comfort that you can get. Overall, you should look for a model that has fabrics with a plush design. This ergonomic feature prevents you from feeling the heating components of the blanket.

Specifically, you should choose a blanket that is made from fleece, polyester, cotton, microfiber, or synthetic.

Tips On Buying An Electric Blanket

The electric blanket that you should buy should be machine washable. At the end of the day, this sleeping accessory is not immune to mess and stains. They are quickly sullied, especially if you are sleeping with your kids and pets.

When washing your electric blanket, make sure that it has no exposed wires. If there are no signs of protrusions, then you can place it in the washing machine already. Only use a mild detergent and cold water. Even if your electric blanket is durable, repetitive agitation due to washing could cause the fabrics to wear out.

Of course, it is preferable that the electric blanket you choose is dryer-friendly. They make the drying process a lot fast and convenient. However, using the traditional air drying method is not a bad idea, either. Just choose what works best for you.

Moreover, you may need to check the pricing of your blanket. The prices vary from models to brands. Specifically, here is an estimated pricing for electric blankets on the market today:

  • Basic Model – $40 to  $120
  • Deluxe Model –     $70 to $200+

As you can notice, electric blankets are not cheap products. Therefore, it is ideal that you secure your warranty before leaving the store. You will never know when defects can come up. It is a sorry sight to see you having trouble with your blanket. However, it would be worse if you can’t find free replacements for it. If you don’t have a warranty, there is no way you can have a good night sleep! That’s a guarantee!


If you want a toasty warm feeling while sleeping, then you will really need an electric blanket. This bedding accessory is useful in keeping you warm and cozy, especially during the cold weather. Moreover, the best electric blankets can do more for you. They can assure you that your slumber will never be disturbed by chills!

We really respect your freedom to choose your own electric blanket. However, we recommend that you should try our featured products first. They are manufactured by the top manufacturers of electric blankets today! Moreover, we also did some testing on our own. Out of the dozens of products we tried, only those four stood out. Do not be reluctant on investing on them. We put our good name that they won’t give you any harm!

We are also hoping that our electric blanket buying guide has helped you. When the time comes that you will select your blanket, those inputs will indeed help you. They are your guide so that you can get the right product that can make you warm and cozy while you are sleeping!