Best Heat Press Machines 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

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Because of the many uses, heat press machines can vary considerably in function capability and price range. For a person who has had little or no experience with heat press machines, it may feel impossible to narrow down the options. Here, we will discuss heat press machine reviews and tips you can use when making your purchase. Ultimately, you can use this guide to answer what is the best heat machine for your situation.


Model PriceWeightEditor Rating
PowerPress BK1515
PowerPress BK1515
(Top Pick)

Check Price
49 lbs4.85/5
Gecko GK100
Gecko GK100
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
55 lbs4.6/5
New Digital 15" x 15 1515GB

Check Price
50 lbs4.4/5
DG15-BLK (black)
DG15-BLK (black)

Check Price
48 lbs4.15/5
Promo Heat PH3804THJ
Promo Heat PH3804THJ

Check Price
65 lbs3.9/5

Best Heat Press Machines 2019 – Reviewed:

1. PowerPress BK1515 – Our Top Pick

PowerPress BK1515 is the product we have deemed as the best heat press machine on the market. Specifications for size include a 15×15 heat press sheet. Temperatures can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and voltage is 110V and power is 1800W. For convenience, the heat press machine also includes an electronic time and heat control so that you can set-up and complete a project efficiently. This all-inclusive machine may be used to apply a variety of transfers on everything from clothing to tile! This particular heat press machine is a considerable upgrade from the previous model as this product has a coated plate and sheet. The silicone base is secure and ensures that the item will stay in place as you operate it. Many customers appreciate the space-saving compact size and that it opens upward so that it can be easily situated in smaller work areas.

People who use this product commercially are especially impressed with the heating quality and its ability to function well through a large task. Some consumers have indicated that there is uneven heating, but many of those complaints have more to do with how a garment was placed on the heating sheet rather than an actual issue with the machine. It is especially important that first-time users do some research on how to properly use the machine prior to purchase.

2. Gecko GK100 – Best for the Money

Gecko GK100

The Gecko GK100 is another quality option for a heat press machine. The machine is used for transfer on clothing. The temperature can reach up to 435 degrees Fahrenheit and has a timer built in. This durable machine can easily be used with the manual lift handle that allows the user to control the pressure. The non-stick plate surface ensures a precise transfer. The voltage is 110V and the power is 1500W which is on par with what competitors offer. This machine is heavy as it weighs 65 lbs. For some users, the location of the device should be considered before placement as it may be difficult for some users to move the machine once it is situated.

Satisfied customers indicate that the heating quality and the timer are the most convenient attributes. Many consumers appreciate the simplicity of this machine and its trusted durability. Any initial troubleshoot issues have been promptly assisted by the manufacturer’s customer service. It’s important for users to understand that this particular heat press machine is only intended for garments that are 5/8”. Anything beyond that measurement will likely have issues with transfer and many of the issues associated with heating or defects with the temperature are covered under the warranty.

3. New Digital 15″ x 15 1515GB

New Digital 15" x 15 1515GB

This machine has a solid reputation with consumers. The specifications include 15×15 press plate, steel frame, and voltage of 110V-120V. The adjustable temperature range is 0-500 degrees and includes a full-range pressure adjustment so users can control each project. The weight of this device is slightly less than other options as it weighs about 52 pounds. This may make it easier for some people to move the device as needed.

This particular heat press does not include many instructions so it’s important that the user has some familiarity. Likewise, buyers report that the easy-to-use design sets this product apart from the rest. A few people have indicated that the power cord is not especially long (about 3 ft.) so that should be a consideration for people who have limited electrical outlets as you may need an extension cord.

The overall reputation of this product is that it is a good option for people who have somewhat of an understanding for how to use a heat press machine. However, this is likely not the best option for people who are just starting out. There are some reports that the manual pressure adjustment can be challenging to operate, but that customer support was helpful with assisting individuals with this problem. There is a 3-month warranty included with purchase.

4. DG15-BLK (black)

DG15-BLK (black)

If you are in the market for a quality, industrial-great heat press machine, then the DG15-BLK is the product you have been looking for. The average price for this unit is on the lower end of average in comparison to similar heat press machines. The voltage is 110V and the power is 1800W. The unit comes with a convenient timer and electronic heat control for easy use. The platen is coated with Teflon for durability and the silicone base is removable so it may be adjusted as needed.

Consumers are impressed with the reliability of the machine and the durable materials that were used to make it. Many buyers indicate that the machine feels solid and it is capable of completing large-scale products. It heats up quickly and you can expect to start using the heat press within 5-10 minutes after you power it on. Whether you use a heat press for a hobby or your business, this unit will serve its purpose for you. Another benefit that is popularly expressed is that this item does come with thorough instructions for how to use and store the item. Individuals who have limited experience will likely be able to use the instructions to get a good handle on the process.

While this product is designed for large-scale products, users who consistently rely on this heat press for their business indicate that the heating ability is not up to par with other industrial heat presses in the market. The reviews about its ability to do large-scale designs tend to be a mixed bag. Some users are incredibly satisfied while others indicate that the heat press does not heat evenly enough to keep vinyl edges secure. Overall, reviews indicate this is a great option for small-scale items or children-sized t-shirts.

5. Promo Heat PH3804THJ

Promo Heat PH3804THJ

If you are looking for a compact, versatile heat press machine then this item will meet your requirements. The item arrives completely assembled and has a lever that you can use to manage the pressure for each item You may also set the built-in temperature control so that the heat press stops heating once the desired temperature is reached. This can greatly reduce the chances of you overheating certain transfers. The silicone coating on the press plate helps the user avoid scorching of the transfers. The adjustable pressure knob allows you to adjust the machine based on the thickness of the product you are using (t-shirts, wood, glass, etc.).

The primary issue for some buyers is that the heating element does not heat items evenly. This can result in incomplete transfers. Because of this malfunction, some people indicate that projects took much longer to complete. The overall opinion is that this heat press works best with transferring vinyl because it does not require extremely high, consistent temperatures. This product is likely ideal for hobbyists who only use vinyl.

Heat Press Machine Buying Guide

It’s helpful to have some products in mind as you search for the perfect heat press for your situation. However, be aware that the products listed here are only a few of the hundreds of options to choose from. As a guide to help you narrow down the search, we have simply identified some of the top selling heat press machines on the market and their pros and cons. Perhaps one of these products will work for you, but you will have many additional choices to consider as well.

In the hopes of helping you understand how to evaluate other options you may find, we have gathered additional information to help you make the best purchase for your needs. Read on for more information.

Heat Press Machine Buying Tips

It’s true that the market is saturated with options, but not all choices are going to match up to your expectations. Here, we have come up with a few tips for you to consider as you evaluate whether or not a particular heat press machine is right for you. These considerations are intended to help you evaluate each product so you can clearly see how well it matches your requirements. Of course, some of these factors will be more important to you than others, so do take a moment to rank each tip to determine how it will influence your purchasing decision.


Cost is something that all consumers consider to some degree. When it comes to buying a heat press machine, you should be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is my budget for this item? Depending on your situation, you probably have limited money set aside for your hobby or business. Consider the amount you would like to spend before you enter the marketplace.
  • What are your basic requirements for the product? You need to be honest about what you need from the heat press that you purchase. If you want more power, more capability, a longer lifespan, then most likely the price tag will reflect those features.


Power will ultimately impact the heating ability of the machine. If you know that you will be using especially difficult transfers, then the power will be more important to you. Things to consider:

  • What do you plan on making with the heat press? Vinyl doesn’t require as much heat as rhinestone so if your focus is limited to vinyl then power may not be a main focus for you.
  • Do you plan on using the heat press for long-term projects? Power will come into play if you will be using your unit regularly at high heat. Businesses or people who operate their heat press daily as a hobby will definitely want to invest in a product that has a power of at least 110V or higher. This will ensure that the heat press will complete your projects quickly and efficiently.


The size of the unit may not seem like a big deal until it comes time to move it yourself. Things you should consider about the size of your heat press:

  • Is the heating plate large enough for your projects? Some heat plates are especially small which may limit the type of transfers it can do or the thickness of the fabric it can transfer to.
  • Will the heat press fit in your space? Many heat press machines are compact, but you will want to make sure that your item will fit in the area you have in mind. Be sure to measure your space and compare it to the overall size of the unit.


The reason that you are purchasing the heat press will play a role in which units you should consider. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you using the heat press for business or hobby? If you plan to use the heat press for your business, then you will want to be sure that you have an industrial-grade machine or else it won’t be able to withstand the amount of use that you need.
  • Will you be using the device regularly? Some units are designed for long-term use while others aren’t necessarily a heavy-duty design. Whether you are making projects for business or pleasure, consider how often you will be using the machine so you can invest accordingly.


Durability is important in any product that you purchase. To ensure that you are buying a quality item consider the following:

  • What type of materials are used in the design? Cheap metals will not likely last very long. Focus on heat press machines that are made with high- grade metals like steel. While it is not necessary for the machine to be heavy, it should feel sturdy.
  • Does it have a layer of coating? This is important for machines because it protects your projects from burning. Older models don’t always include this feature, so be sure to make sure that the heat press you are interested in has a Teflon coating. It will help protect your projects and the machine.


You want to be sure that you are buying a product that will last. Here are some tips for making sure you are choosing a long-lasting unit:

  • Do consumers buy multiple units in a short amount of time? Sometimes people will stick to a certain brand even if they don’t last very long. If reviews indicate that people are buying a heat press machine every couple of years, it is obvious that the unit doesn’t last very long.
  • Is there a warranty? If a brand is solid, it will offer a warranty because it is unlikely anything will mess up within that time frame. If the warranty is short, then this could be a sign that things may not last and the seller doesn’t want to be responsible.


Make sure to research the manufacturer of the heat press machine that you are most interested in. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • What is their overall reputation? A solid manufacturer will have a history of being helpful and consistent with customers. Even if things go wrong, they should have a good response that is helpful to the consumer.
  • Does the manufacturer offer quality product information? Instructions, warranties, contact information should all be included and easy to find. This indicates that the manufacturer has thought about potential issues.

Overall, the tips indicated here should help you through the purchase process. Keep in mind, other questions may come up as you navigate through your own buying needs. Remember to evaluate each aspect of the purchase and consider what is most important to you. In the end, select the product that will bring you the most satisfaction and help you achieve your heat press goals.


Heat press machines are convenient and fun products. Many people enjoy making their own creations whether for business or pleasure. Whether you want this machine for a hobby or to earn money, you are sure to find the perfect unit for your needs. It simply takes some research into the marketplace for the most ideal results. While the price for these units can be expensive, the initial cost can save you a considerable amount of money if you plan on using it regularly and have a clear understanding of your needs and the machine’s ability.

Because of the diversity in cost and the slight differences in function, it is important the buyer does their research before making the final purchase. Here, we have discussed the various points you should consider as you try to narrow down your search. The most important thing you should keep in mind is what you plan on doing with the heat machine long-term as this will influence your budget and the appropriate model. Be sure to carefully evaluate reviews and take a good look at the brand’s reputation.

Consider the information here as a guide that can help you make the best choice for your situation. There are certainly many brands, models, costs, and capability. As the user of the machine, it is your responsibility to determine your level of comfort with the product as well as your future goals while using it. For instance, if you plan to just use the machine occasionally for gifts then that will ultimately influence the type of product that you need. Likewise, if you plan on using the machine for a higher level of operation, then it is critical that you choose a heating machine that can accommodate a high-use demand.

The information here should be of assistance as you step into the market for your very own heat press machine. Consider each point here, take a long look at the highlighted products we have included, and choose the product that will help you be more efficient in your endeavors. The more informed you are, the more likely you will buy the best heat press machine for your needs.