Best Infrared Heaters 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

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Obviously, infrared heaters are a wise investment for heating options. However, there are many price points and options to choose from. It can certainly be difficult for consumers to narrow down the search and make the right choice. We want to help simplify that process as much as possible. Here, we will discuss some of the top infrared heater reviews and pinpoint exactly which features you should consider before purchase. In the end, the information here will help you answer the question, “What is the best infrared heater?”. In the end, the answer to that question may vary from person to person, but the goal is that each customer walks away with the perfect infrared heater for your specific situation.

A Quick Comparison

Model PriceWeightEditor Rating
Dr Heater DR968
Dr Heater DR968
(Top Pick)

Check Price
24 lbs4.85/5
Homegear Pro 5051401468154
Homegear Pro 5051401468154
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
11 lbs4.6/5
Lifesmart Corp Lifelux LS-8WIQH-LB-IN
Lifesmart Corp Lifelux LS-8WIQH-LB-IN

Check Price
31 lbs4.3/5
Lifesmart Large Room LS-6BPIQH-X
Lifesmart Large Room LS-6BPIQH-X

Check Price
21 lbs4.1/5

Best Infrared Heaters 2019 – Reviewed:

1. Dr Heater DR968 – Our Top Pick

Dr Heater DR968

The overall best quartz Infrared heater on the market goes to the Dr Heater DR968. This heater is equipped with a thermometer that ranges from 50-80 degrees which can transform even the coolest rooms into a cozy oasis. The space-saving unit weighs 24 lbs. and the product dimensions are 13x11x16 which means it can fit nicely in even the smallest areas.

Convenience was kept in mind during the manufacture of this infrared heater. The auto power settings range from low to high which means that the unit can use an internal thermometer to measure the temperature in the room and power on and off accordingly. The user can also manage the temperature manually if you prefer. The advanced heating system is capable of heating a space up to 60% better than heaters with similar power capability. This is possible because the built-in blower can spread heat without using more power. Another nice feature is that this heater is designed to blow large volumes of air at a slower rate which means that the noise level is virtually nonexistent. With 80,000 hours of operation time, consumers can be confident that this heater will last for a very long time. Included is an automatic shut-off after 12 hours of constant use and automatic shut-off if the unit overheats or tips over. Safety is certainly a priority with any heating unit and this product certainly has those features for your peace of mind.

Of course, there are some considerations that buyers should be aware of. For instance, there is a handy remote control you can use to power the unit and control the temperature. However, this remote cannot be used at great distances. Some consumers indicate that you can only use the remote if you are positioned within a few short feet of the unit. Others have also indicated that other remotes (such as to the television) can be used to power on the unit, but cannot be used to turn it off or to modify the temperature. This may be a concern if a person is unaware that they have powered on the heater with a different remote. Also, because of its small size, some consumers have suggested that it is best for smaller spaces that are insulated well.

2. Homegear Pro 5051401468154 – Best for the Money

Homegear Pro 5051401468154

If you are a consumer that is mindful of their budget, then this infrared heater may be just what you are looking for. This heater has certainly built a reputation of being affordable and also satisfying the customers.  The specifications for this unit are 12x13x17 with a weight of 11.5 lbs. The size of this unit is ideal because it is light enough to position easily and does not take a considerable amount of floor space.

The dual heating system can comfortably heat up spaces up to 1500 sq. ft. The design of this product is ideal for heating garages or workshops, but can be used inside the home as well. There is a 13A circuit minimum requirement for use, but there are indications that a 15A circuit will produce even better results. A remote control is included for convenience. Additionally, it has been reported that the internal blower is incredibly quiet and does not pose as an intrusion in your space.

Consumers have indicated that while the unit does adequately heat a space, it can take up to 30 minutes to do so even in an interior room that is well-insulated. Another consideration is that the outside of the unit can also hold heat so some consumers have indicated that this was a safety risk for their children and pets. Considering that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages this heater is considered the best infrared heater for the money in comparison to other units in the market.

3. Lifesmart Corp Lifelux LS-8WIQH-LB-IN

Lifesmart Corp Lifelux LS-8WIQH-LB-IN

If you are interested in an infrared heater for an especially large space, then this is the proper heater for you. The specifications on this unit is 16.2 X 15.2 18.5 and weighs just over 30 lbs. This revolutionary product is among the best heaters on the market for large spaces. There are three heat setting options that include an eco-setting to conserve heat in bigger spaces or to heat much smaller spaces. Included is a 12-hour automatic shut off which goes a step further in helping you utilize the heater only as you really need to. A convenient digital thermostat allows you to view the current room temperature easily and you can easily adjust it with the remote control that is included. It is also notable that the fan blower is strong, but does not produce an annoying sound.

This particular heater is also aesthetically appealing and will look nice as a piece of home décor. The wood finish goes even further in making as a space looking especially inviting. Many people comment on how this specific model is more “homey” than other metal options available. The appearance of the heater is something that many consumers are especially attracted to.

As a side note, it is important to indicate that most satisfied customers are those that use this heater indoors. People who purchase this heater for shops or other out buildings indicate that this heater lacks the capability to heat over 50 degrees if the space is external and lacks insulation.

4. Lifesmart Large Room LS-6BPIQH-X

Lifesmart Large Room LS-6BPIQH-X

Another solid option for a portable infrared heater is the Lifesmart Large Room LS-6BPIQH-X. The specifications for this heater are 13.1x16x16.5 and weighs just about 20 lbs. The smaller size still has the ability to heat 500 sq. ft. rooms comfortably. Many consumers are attracted to the smaller unit because it produces the same results without taking up unnecessary floor space. People who live in shared spaces or even those that live in smaller apartments may especially like this heater.

The steel cabinet is durable and has proven to stand the test of time. Many consumers have indicated that they have used this heater for several seasons and continue to be satisfied with the results. There are three heating options available, including the convenient eco-setting that limits the amount of heat used in space if you are being mindful of cost or temperature. Additionally, there is an automatic 12-hour shut off so you don’t have to worry if you forget to shut it down before leaving for work. The digital thermostat offers a modern look and allows you to see exactly how toasty your area is. You can easily adjust the temperature with the easy-to-use remote. What’s more is that while the unit itself will certainly emit heat, it will not be hot to the touch. This is a great safety feature that many consumers are grateful for.

One thing that consumers should be aware of is that the power cord is not incredibly long. It is important you move the heater as far away from the cord as possible so that the coating on the cord does not melt. Some consumers have opted to use extension cords and are mindful to keep the area clear of other items as a way to increase safety.

Infrared Heater Buying Guide

Infrared heaters have certainly come a long way since they were first manufactured. Now, it is standard that these products come equipped with safety features, convenient remotes, and durable structures. While most of the products in the marketplace will at least meet minimum requirements, we have done our part to outline the top infrared heaters that are available. Whether you are on a budget or simply want the absolute best, it is our hope that we have helped you narrow down the search. However, there are certainly many considerations you should keep in mind. Read on to learn some valuable buying tips.

Infrared Heater Buying Tips

You’ve come this far in your journey, so it’s apparent that you are serious about investing in a quality infrared heater. There are so many products to choose from, it can certainly be overwhelming at first. We are here to help you narrow down the search and focus on the details that truly matter. We have outline a few critical components you should consider as you evaluate the top heaters on your list. Keep these tips in mind, and you will certainly find the right heater to warm up your space!


Power of your infrared heater is certainly important. However, power certainly has many meanings that you may have not previously considered. When you evaluate power in your infrared heater please think about the following points:

  • What is the number of watts of the heater? It’s important to understand the wattage in your heater, but please be aware that much more goes into the power of the unit other than just watts. For example, the watts mean nothing if the blower is weak. Evaluate the quality of the entire machine in order to establish a clear understanding of the power of the whole unite. Make sure that the blower is capable of spreading heat evenly throughout an entire room. A good rule of thumb when it comes to watt count is at least 1500W.
  • How much heat do you want? Power can also determine the overall amount of heat distribution in a room. Some infrared heaters are capable of reaching over 80 degrees while others reach much lower temperatures. Evaluate your power needs and then make your purchase accordingly.


Appearance may seem like an irrelevant feature, but you should take this point into consideration. After all, it is likely that this piece will be visible in your home and it may be more important than you realize. Please consider the following:

  • Where in your home will this heater be situated? If it is going to be in your living room then you may prefer a heater that looks more stylish or blends better with your current décor.
  • What is your preference? If you would rather have a wood finish rather than steel or another metal, then this fact alone could help you narrow down your search.

Heating Capability:

While all heaters are designed to elevate temperatures, different models typically have a very specific use in mind. When researching the heating capability of each unit, consider the following:

  • What size of room will you be heating? Many infrared heaters have a maximum heating ability and it’s important that you adhere to those guidelines. For example, a heater intended to heat 1000 sq. ft. would not be adequate for a 1500+ sq. ft. space.
  • What type of room are you planning on heating? While the size of the space is important so is the type of room that you want to heat. An interior, insulated room heats much differently than an outside space such as a garage or workshop. You want to make sure that the heating capability of the unit correlates with the space that you need to heat.


Because all heating devices can be dangerous, it’s important to know the safety features included in the unit that you purchase. Considerations you should make in terms of safety:

  • What happens if the heater malfunctions? There should be safety features that will activate if a unit tips over or overheats. Ensure that your infrared heater has those built-in features that automatically employ.
  • Does the heater’s exterior get hot? This can be a major concern for people with pets or small children. If your heater will be accessible to animals or young kids, you should ensure that it does not get hot as the unit heats a space.


When you purchase your heater, you want to be sure you are investing well into the future. If you want a product that lasts, please consider the following:

  • What materials are used? You want good material to be used in the construction of the unit. If the structure of the heater is sound then it will likely last much longer than a unit that is made with the bare minimum materials.
  • What is the expected lifespan of the heater? Many infrared heaters will indicate how long you can expect to use your heater without having to change out any parts. Usually, infrared heaters can heat for 20-80,000 hours.


When selecting an infrared heater that is ideal for you, it’s important to consider the brand of the unit that you are interested in. Here are some questions to keep in mind:

  • What is the reputation of the brand? It is important to research the brand to make sure that it has a good reputation for assisting customers and providing the best products for purchase.
  • What is the mission of the brand? The goal of the brand means more than you may think. Every brand has a goal whether it’s providing the most affordable heater or a primary focus on safety. Understanding the brand will help you understand what to expect from the product.


It’s true that infrared heaters are an incredibly safe and efficient way to your space. Whether you are searching for something to use as a supplemental heat source in your home or simply want to make a workshop useful again, then this is certainly an option worth looking into.  Infrared heaters have become an established product in the market that consumers can trust in terms of heating ability and safety. There are certainly many options to choose from, but this guide intends to provide you with quality information to help you narrow down the search. Ultimately, there are many features associated with this sound product, but prioritizing how those features rank in importance to your situation will greatly assist you with the purchase process. The result should be that you are completely happy with your purchase because you have invested time and energy in quality research. This guide is intended to considerably reduce the amount of time it takes to track down quality resources.

The point of the product is that it provides quality heating that makes it possible for you to enjoy the comfort of your home, office or other space utilized for pleasure or business. So often, these areas are not as cozy as they could be and an infrared heater can change all of that. Finally, you can start to enjoy the space that you have which could lead to more work being accomplished or more satisfaction in your favorite pastime. The use of your space could be endless if only it was heated properly and that is exactly what this heater can do for you. You can literally transform an unused or uncomfortable space into an area that you want to be.

We urge you to consider the advantages of infrared heating and how it can help reduce your costs while requiring minimal maintenance over time. Keep in mind that the various pricing options, heating capabilities, and reputation of the product should be researched fully so that you are confident in the heater that you buy. As you move forward, reflect on the information provided in this guide and you should have a much better understanding of which products will work the best for you. Remember, this is an investment in heating which ultimately impacts your comfort and ability to utilize your space in the best possible way. Make the choice that offers the most in terms of safety, durability, and cost-effective heating.