Best Bathroom Heaters 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

Heating the bathroom

If you have a cold bathroom, you know the frustration of freezing after stepping out of a warm shower, or the pain you get in your extremities when it’s just too cold. Shopping online is supposed to be easy, but it can sometimes leave you feeling just as bad. Manufacturers often overstate what their models […]

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How Does an Infrared Heater Work?

infrared heater

Infrared heaters nowadays are inspired by the first infrared heater—Mr. Sun—yes, Mr. Golden Sun. Generating infrared heat through combustion gases, Mr. Sun allows this heat to directly pass through space in order to send warm greetings (pun intended) to the surface of our planet. Cool, huh? That’s why even during cold days, we are still […]

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Top 10 Infrared Heater Brands

infrared heating

Infrared heater? No problem! These brands can give the heater that will fit your needs. Unlike other brands that have more negative feedback than positive ones, these brands only have a few complaints! Surely, you can never go wrong with any of these 10 brands. American Comfort – This brand aims to keep growing. They’re […]

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How Does an Electric Fireplace Work?


Electric fireplaces are the new trend. They’re easy to install, can provide a warm ambiance to your place, and can even save space when compared to a traditional fireplace. Having an electric fireplace is a perfect alternative if your condominium unit or apartment has no existing fireplace. Plus, you don’t have to clean it up! […]

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Top 4 Electric Fireplace Brands

Electric Fireplace

The only way to make sure you get the best out of your electric fireplace is to buy from the most trusted and prominent brands in the industry. Without delay, here are the four brands you can put your trust in. I’ve also included why they’re known and dubbed as the best. Amantii – Is […]

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How Does an Electric Blanket Work?


An electric blanket is your ally during the cold nights. It can efficiently take out the frigidness, and lets you feel toasty warm! This feature is truly unique and amazing! Therefore, we won’t really wonder if you will ask us how does an electric blanket work. In fact, we are quite compelled to answer this. […]

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Top 3 Electric Blanket Brands

electric blanket

Getting the best electric blanket brands is imperative. In an era where money is scarce, you can’t afford to buy the wrong product. Even if you are affluent or well-off, you can’t just risk on purchasing low-quality brands. After all, electric blankets are necessary investments. If you want to survive the cold seasons, then you […]

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Best Kerosene Heaters 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a space heater

Essentially, kerosene heaters make for an incredible way to heat nearly any place as long as it is ventilated properly. If you would like to make your space cozy in even the coldest temperatures—this is the appropriate heat source for you. Read on to learn more about how you can make the best selection as […]

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Best Infrared Heaters 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

an infrared heater

Obviously, infrared heaters are a wise investment for heating options. However, there are many price points and options to choose from. It can certainly be difficult for consumers to narrow down the search and make the right choice. We want to help simplify that process as much as possible. Here, we will discuss some of […]

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