How Does an Electric Blanket Work?

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An electric blanket is your ally during the cold nights. It can efficiently take out the frigidness, and lets you feel toasty warm! This feature is truly unique and amazing! Therefore, we won’t really wonder if you will ask us how does an electric blanket work. In fact, we are quite compelled to answer this. Knowing the mechanism of this product is truly vital for every buyer.

Maybe you already heard that all electric blankets are operating at 120 volts or that they are always using carbon fiber wires. These are just fallacies. None of them are true. Moreover, you must not also believe that electric blankets should be assessed by an electrician once every three years. As long as you have a good unit, you can be confident that they won’t break or suffer from defects.

These are just some of the hoax that surrounds an electric blanket. This is the reason why it is important for you to learn how this product works. In this way, you won’t get fooled by any marketing stints or scare traps. Moreover, it could also teach you how to maintain your electric blanket properly!

How Does An Electric Blanket Work?

The basic technology of electric blankets (or warming mattress) relies on its wirings. Specifically, this product utilizes electrical current to flow through resistive wires. This mechanism allows the heat to be generated. Most of the modern electric blankets today have a lengthy resistive wire element. This component is attached using a serpentine pattern all over the blanket. For dual control models, the heating element is placed throughout each of the halves of the sheet.

The electric blanket should be safe, comfortable, and consistent on its performance. This product should last long enough, specifically for at least five years. Therefore, many manufacturers integrated various technologies to their blankets. Some of the innovation includes the variable heat output, which allows you to control the temperature of the sheet based on your preferences. Moreover, one of the fanciest features of this product is its overheating protection. Through this function, you won’t feel any discomfort or sudden scorching sensation!

Other brands of electric blankets have auto shut-off feature. Once the thermostat achieves the desired temperature, the entire heater will shut down. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from this. First, it lowers your energy consumption. Your power bills won’t surprise you at all! Second, this protects the integrity of the product. Operating the blanket for a long time can cause internal issues. In some instances, it could even cause discharges and hazardous reactions. An auto shut-off feature is necessary so that you can sleep with a peace of mind! Of course, how can sleep soundly if you are worried about something?

Of course, an electric blanket should have a quality fabric. After all, this product is still a blanket. Therefore, you need it to be comfortable because it is a sleeping accessory! The material could be made from polyester, microfiber, or cotton. Some manufacturers are using plush design on their blankets. This innovation cloaks the wires effectively. In short, they become unnoticeable. Moreover, such technology enables the even spacing of wires for equal distribution as well. Electric blankets that have such feature are expensive. However, they are truly a worthy investment.

Safety Of An Electric Blanket

The safety of electric blankets is dictated by the Underwriters Laboratories or UL. This is the “gold standard” when it comes to the quality and safeness of electric blankets. This quality control is commonly used in the United States. However, some countries are already implementing such kind of standards. The UL 964 is the marking that you should look once you are choosing for an electric blanket. Without it, you may never guarantee your welfare once the electric blanket embraces you.

Plug-In Connectors

This component of an electric blanket is essential for the overall functionality of this product. The cord is the one that attaches the control from the blanket. Of course, you cannot adjust the settings of your blanket without this part. Moreover, the connectors should enable the cord and controls to be disconnected. In this way, you can freely wash the blanket in your washer. Take note that not all electric blankets are machine washable!

The connector must be at the foot of the bed for electric blankets. For warming mattresses, the same design still applies. However, some brands have their connectors attached at the pillow end. This scheme allows the wiring of the connector to be ensconced at the head of the bed.

Installment Process

Although it is a basic household product, an electric blanket is still not a simple commodity. You may find trouble during the installment process, especially if you haven’t checked the specs of the unit you bought. Not all electric blankets have the same size and dimension. You won’t want a blanket that is too large or too small for your bed! You should check the user’s manual or engage in a live demonstration. Each brand of electric blankets have different designs and schemes. These practical tips will prevent any unwanted nuisances during the installment of the blanket. Moreover, they will tell you how to access some of the unique features of the product, too!


The electric blanket is a handy sleeping accessory. It could make your sleep more comfortable, especially during winter nights. However, you should learn the exact mechanism of how this product operates. In this way, you can fully choose the right model that will suit your needs. Moreover, it can also give you the freedom to adjust and program your heater. Therefore, you can fully maximize the comfort that this product offers.

We recommend that all buyers should know how does an electric blanket work. When it comes to maintenance and troubleshooting, such knowledge will come useful! Also, it is essential for you to know the major considerations on choosing an electric blanket. You have to understand how this product works fully. In this way, your money just won’t go down the drain!