Top 10 Infrared Heater Brands

Last Updated: by Andrew S.

Infrared heater? No problem! These brands can give the heater that will fit your needs. Unlike other brands that have more negative feedback than positive ones, these brands only have a few complaints! Surely, you can never go wrong with any of these 10 brands.

  1. American Comfort – This brand aims to keep growing. They’re very much willing to hear what you think of their products and they even accept ideas for future projects! Talk about open-mindedness! American Comfort is based in based in Cook County, Illinois, and as the name implies, it’s an all-American company. They’re included in this list because of their outdoor infrared heaters. Their heaters are ideal for your barbecue area.


  1. Aura – Excellence. This is what Aura is all about. Their heating products are tailored to give comfort heat solutions for your everyday needs at home. Thanks to their advanced heating products, you will always be the technologically advanced in your neighborhood. Plus, each product offers optimum performance and minimizes your consumption of energy. Not to mention their heaters are reliable, direct heat, light, easy to mount, and affordable! Who says excellence costs much?


  1. Comfort Zone – Infrared heaters from this brand are handy—small but terrible. They are portable though not that fashionable. Comfort zone offers Ceramic Heaters, Fan Forced heaters, Tower Heaters, Quartz Infrared Heaters, Convection Heaters, Radiant Heaters, and Oil-Filled Heaters. They’re also known for their overheat sensors and tip-over switches that make their heaters safe to use.


  1. Heater – If you need an infrared heater for your home, you should consider this brand. They offer stylish heaters that can warm a room up to 1,000 sq. ft. The built-in air purifier is a bonus! They deliver 60% more heat than other heaters and this is because they paid attention during the explanation of heat transfer during class.


  1. Duraflame – Top-notch. Duraflame is simply one of the best. A lot of customers can attest to that. The infrared heaters of Duraflame come in a stylish stained wood casing and are durable. They deliver and innovate products that will satisfy their customers’ high standards for convenience, quality, dependability, and environmental sustainability.


  1. Fire Sense – If you need a heater for your balcony or patio, then a Fire Sense infrared heater is the answer. Founded in 1998, Fire Sense is one of the brands of the Well-Traveled Living product family. The durable, stylish metal designs of Fire Sense heaters make them unique. This brand knows the significance of product quality, innovative design, and of course, world-class customer service. They offer gas and electric patio heaters, electric fireplaces, patio fireplaces, and fire pits.


  1. Infratech – Infratech makes use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies in order to offer infrared heaters that are efficient and inexpensive. This is why they are one of the most trusted brands in the commercial line. Their infrared heaters are perfect for warehouses, auto garages, construction sites, and shipping docks.


  1. RedCore – RedCore is another brand worthy of your attention. It’s recommended for homes and apartments and that’s because of their modern designs. They also offer traditional designs for those who prefer the old-school style. They are known for their infrared heater that works as an electric fireplace stove, complete with flickering flames.


  1. Sunpak – This brand offers natural gas heaters. Each heater is engineered to provide comfort in an outdoor environment. They offer patio designs that have slim profiles. Sunpak has been trusted for over 30 years.


  1. World Marketing – Infrared heaters by this brand will surely be loved by men because they’re ideal for garages and workshops. World marketing of America Inc. was founded in 1982 and since then, they’ve been offering clever solutions for rapidly increasing home heating costs. They aim to give high-quality heating products at affordable and reasonable prices. Plus, they have great customer service.