Top 3 Electric Blanket Brands

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Getting the best electric blanket brands is imperative. In an era where money is scarce, you can’t afford to buy the wrong product. Even if you are affluent or well-off, you can’t just risk on purchasing low-quality brands. After all, electric blankets are necessary investments. If you want to survive the cold seasons, then you need them to embrace you.

Honestly, there are a lot of electric blankets that you could choose. It is your freedom, at the end of the day. However, we don’t want you to plummet into the pit of regrets and frustration. Buying a defective or substandard electric blanket can piss you off. You can’t possibly sleep with an uncomfortable and potentially risky blanket, right? Therefore, you have to choose the best ones.

We are not demeaning other manufacturers of electric blankets. We respect their business. However, there are just some other brands that stand out from the rest. They have been in the industry for a long time. They got an established rapport, which why people love them. If you are looking for a quality electric blanket, then you might need to hop to these electric blanket brands! Trust us. You won’t regret doing so!

Best Electric Blanket Brands

1. Sunbeam

Sunbeam is one of the major manufacturers of electric blankets, heaters, and other home appliances on the market today. They have existed for almost two decades. Many people love their products, especially their heated beddings. They sell a variety of blankets, such as throws, mattress pads, and electric blankets. Among these, it is their electric blankets that captured the hearts of many.

The electric blankets of Sunbeam are truly comfortable. They possess ergonomic design so that you can use them conveniently. Moreover, you can guarantee that their blankets are safe. Suffering from electrocution and other hazards are impossible with their blankets.

Out of their blankets, it is the Microplush Electric Heated Throw Warming Blanket that is a guaranteed best-seller. It has all the features and technologies that Sunbeam has. Its construction is truly sturdy and comfortable. It can warm up as fast as one minute, which is a rare feature for electric blankets. Moreover, it has comprehensive and easy-to-use digital controls. This component is a trademark of Sunbeam, which aims to give users convenience while they are sleeping! You will also love that this electric blanket is machine washable!

With all these features, you won’t wonder why Sunbeam is a trusted brand for electric blankets!

2.  SoftHeat

It is undeniable that SoftHeat is among the leading brands of electric blankets today. Their blankets are truly special, considering the features and designs that they have. Moreover, their products can accommodate a variety of uses and people. Their electric blankets come in different sizes and varieties. From an entire family to a single individual, SoftHeat blankets can cater them all! Therefore, we are not surprised anymore when this product ranked on our list!

In fact, we have known SoftHeat products for so long already. Many homes in the United States are using their blankets. That’s how reliable this brand is. One of their prized opuses is the Luxury Micro-Fleece. It seems that all of the innovations that SoftHeat achieved throughout the years are integrated on this blanket. In short, this product represents the overall performance this brand.

The Luxury Micro-Fleece has a super comfortable construction. The fabric that this blanket uses is among the softest in the market today! When you wrap yourself in this blanket, you won’t even feel its internal wires. That’s something you cannot find to an ordinary electric blanket. Meanwhile, you will love the fact this product is a guaranteed energy saver. It has an auto shut-off feature that activates once the sheet reaches your desired temperature. Just like Sunbeam products, this one is machine washable, too!

Grabbing your own SoftHeat electric blanket will make your cold nights comfortable!

3. Trillium Worldwide

The Trillium Worldwide is the mind behind the Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket. This variety of electric blanket is the best choice you have when you want to stay warm during your winter travels. It has a flashy design and can accommodate up to two people. The quality of this electric blanket just reflects how good the production of the brand Trillium Worldwide.

This brand specializes in making innovative heaters and pads. The design of their products is so special that they have to make them patented. You will be impressed by the comfort level that you can feel with their blankets. Their ergonomics also allows you to program and pre-set them, depending on your preference. Although their products have automatic features, they still give you the full control on setting them up. In this way, you can get maximum comfort and desired warmth that you want to feel from your blanket!

For example, their Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket is made from a super-strong polyester fleece. This material gives the blanket a minimum lifespan of five years. Moreover, the same material also exhibits comfort that doesn’t deteriorate even in a long-term use!

This blanket from Trillium Worldwide uses a patented safety timer technology. This innovation enables you to pre-heat the warmer for 30 to 45 minutes. Once the heating is done, the blanket shuts down itself. Also, you can guarantee that this blanket is efficient in maintaining its warmth throughout your use!

If you have a long road travel, you can opt to purchase a portable electric blanket from this brand!


The brands that we mentioned are the leading manufacturers of top rated electric blankets on the market today! All of their products possess the quality and comfort that you are looking for. Moreover, they are very safe to use! They are not prone to overheating and electrocution, as well! Therefore, we are not bluffing when we declared that they are the best electric blanket brands. Try browsing different malls and markets. You will see that these brands are ubiquitous!

If you invest on any of these brands, we can guarantee that you can get the electric blanket that you deserve!