Top 4 Electric Fireplace Brands

Last Updated: by Andrew S.

The only way to make sure you get the best out of your electric fireplace is to buy from the most trusted and prominent brands in the industry. Without delay, here are the four brands you can put your trust in. I’ve also included why they’re known and dubbed as the best.

  1. Amantii – Is unique what you’re looking for? Then you’ve found her. The electric fireplaces of Amantii are perfect for spaces from 400 to 500 square feet. The distinct color and heat settings of these fireplaces make them worth every penny. They can give your home a modern look, add good vibes to your building entrance, and set a relaxing, stress-free mood in your office. Amantii fireplaces are simply majestic. Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, they’ll be the perfect fireplaces for the job any time of the day. In addition, they offer different sizes from 28 inches to 106 inches. This brand has exceeded the expectations of most customers.


  1. Classic Frame – Founded in 1996, this brand under Twin-Star International aims to enhance the lives of their customers by offering furniture pieces that are thoughtfully designed and affordable. This brand’s headquarters is located in Florida and they even have another in Southern China. They’re known for their traditional fireplaces. They’re the brand that gives importance to fine detailing especially with their electric fireplaces. As a matter of fact, Classic Frame was the first brand to design mantels that have fine furniture-grade construction methods. Fireplaces from this brand are ideal for your living room and even for your basement! Plus, they’re available in three finishes namely cherry, espresso, and oak. Classic Frame electric fireplaces also feature adjustable thermostats and a remote control.


  1. Dimplex – Dimplex North America Limited was founded in 1991. They started by purchasing heating brands like Chomalox, Sentinel, and Westcan. They later patented an electric flame technology and that made them the first brand to create a realistic wood burning flame effect. Their creativity and ability to innovate are the characteristics most admired by their customers. Their patented LED technology is 3-D and moves over log sets. Their electric fireplaces are actually preferred by customers. Plus, they offer a wide variety of sizes for small spaces, apartments, and large houses or buildings. Whether you choose a traditional or a contemporary model, you’ll definitely get an attention-grabbing electric fireplace if you choose Dimplex.


  1. SEI (Southern Enterprises Incorporated) – Ah, the SEI. With their new designs, they have changed their image as a brand that offers traditional models. Thanks to their updated firebox, their brand now became more alluring. Their signature clean lines and adequate storage space are still there, though. And it’s a good thing. SEI electric fireplaces are available in a variety of finishes, perfect for every home design. Flat-wall? Check. Media console? Check. Corner model? Check. They have every fireplace you can think of. You may be one of the customers who prefer their traditional fireplace style for your elegant, Old English-style home, but if you want a rare, unusual one, you can still acquire your perfect electric fireplace from SEI.